Soil cultivation

With our services ranging from stubble processing to primary tillage with plough or grubber, we are only too pleased to provide assistance to achieve the best results. Our service provision also includes sowing operations. An important part of this process is the exact placement of seed at the desired depth in the ground. We also perform optimal pesticide spraying and fertilizer spreading operations adapted to your needs. Harvesting is performed with a Claas Lexion combine harvester with a crawler chassis or a MDW E-514 for smaller areas. Silage, hay and straw are compressed into round or rectangular bales.

Grassland services

We perform a wide range of services using a number of different agricultural machines and transport vehicles. Whether grass silage or hay, vigorous harvesting, windrowing or grass harvest gathering, we are your expert partners for all this and more.

Municipal service provision

In addition to mulching paths and chaffing and pruning trees, we also provide excellent winter services. Equipped with tractors and snow ploughs, we do our bit for traffic safety. Specialist transport machinery also enables us to clear snow drifts from key traffic arteries.