As a retailer of farming machinery, we sell all manner of second-hand mechanical equipment for use in the agricultural sector. Whether harvesters, tractors, pest management equipment, fertilizing machines, sowing machinery, yard loaders, tele-hoist load luggers or trailers, we satisfy the needs of every farming professional. Tilling machinery and other agricultural devices from leading manufacturers complement our range. In addition to the provision of agricultural machinery, we also sell second-hand building machines and other utility vehicles, wheel loaders, fork-lift trucks, diggers and cranes. Come and have a look for yourselves.


Your needs do not always dictate a purchase. We are more than happy to lease agricultural, building and other utility machinery. Our rental pool provides a large selection of modern, well-maintained machines for almost all areas of use, making for a cost-effective alternative to a purchase.


We do not just provide agricultural machinery, but are always looking to buy second-hand agricultural, building and utility machinery. Make an inquiry for a fair price.